Terms and conditions of use

The English translation of the Terms is there only for your information. This translation is under no condition legally binding.

The consumer has the right to reconsider his purchase, without this resulting in fines, without having to motivate the reconsideration, during 14 calendar days starting on the day after the goods have been delivered. There are exceptions, for these exceptions the following applies: The consumer doesn't have the right to reconsider the purchase. For details on this arrangement, please refer to article 4

Article 1 - Identity of the seller

We focus on sales over the internet, so there's no showroom or shop you can visit. Products can be picked up instead of delivered but this is only after mutual agreement.

Email: info at welikebikes.be

Company number: 0505.886.474
VAT number: BE 0505.886.474

Bank account:
IBAN: BE42 9734 0277 5154

Article 2 - Applicability and conditions

1. Our conditions are applicatble on every offer by WeLikeBikes to our Consumer (every natural person who uses or buys products or services for no-job-related purposes).

2. Our offer is primary targeted at EU customers. If your delivery address is ourside of the EU we can refuse your order.

3. To be able to place an order, you need to be at least 18 years of age. If you're not 18 years of age, we ask you to allow your parents or legal guardian to place the order for you. If we notice an order has been placed by a minor, we can refuse the order.

4. If special conditions apply next to these Terms and conditions, the above also counts for the special conditions. If our Terms and conditions don't agree with the special terms and conditions, the consumer has the right to apply the most beneficial text to his advantage.

5. Placing an order on the website counts as explicit acceptance of the Terms and conditions which are always available on the website.

Article 3 - Offer and order

1. If an offer has a limited validity period or is subject to special conditions, we will expressly mention this in the offer.

2. We will always describe what we're selling and how the order process will evolve as accurately and completely as possible. In any case, the description will be sufficiently detailed to allow you to make a good evaluation. If we use pictures, these will be a correct representation of the product or service as much as possible. However, making a mistake is human and when it is clear there was a mistake, we are not obliged to deliver the item.

3. Your order is complete and the agreement between us is definite as soon as we get confirmation from your credit- or debit card company that the payment is approved. If the credit- or debit card company denies to approve the payment, we can't be held responsible for delays of delivery or non-delivery of your order. Orders without valid payment in the name of the registered card holder are not accepted or processed.

4. To buy a product, you add the product to the Cart. Afterwards you'll be able to insert contact and invoicing details. After that you can select the method of delivery. In the last page you'll get an overview of the order, you'll have to accept the Terms and conditions and you can confirm the order by means of the order button, which is marked as "Order" or similarly worded. If you have completed these steps, the order is complete. We will confirm the order by email.

Article 4 - Right to reconsider

1. If you buy products from us, you have the right to reconsider the purchase during 14 calendar days. If that's the case, you can return the item without invoking a fine or without having to motivate the decision. We will refund the item within 14 days after having received it, with the same payment method as the one which you used to execute the payment.

3. This right expires in certain conditions:

  • Special offers are only valid as long as stock lasts
  • Consumer goods like oils and such of which the packaging has been opened
  • Articles that can't be returned because of hygienic reasons if the package has been opened
  • Exchanged or filled in vouchers
  • Damaged or incomplete goods

In these cases the consumer doesn't have the right to reconsider the purchase.

3. Each product that is in original, undamaged, complete and unused state, and of which the packaging is unopened and undamaged, can be exchanged during 15 days, if the original invoice can be shown.

4. We can hold the refund until we have received the goods.

5. During the first 14 days after the delivery we expect you to carefully handle the item and the packaging. If you want to be able to return the item as described above, you can only unpackage or use the item as much as is required to decide if you want to keep it. Returned items can be tried, but not used. If you return an item, it should be returned in the original packaging if any way possible, with all accesories and in original state, taking our instructions into account. The package should be sufficiently protected to be able to ship it without damage to the content.

Article 5 - Price

1. The price is always mentioned with VAT, taxes and services included. Delivery cost is listed separately.

Article 6 - Payment

1. We only accept payment methods that are available on the website.

2. To warrant a secure online payment and the safety of your personal data, transation details are encrypted with SSL. To pay with SSL you don't need special software. You will recognize a secure SSL connection by the "lock" in the lower status bar of your browser.

Article 7 - Conformity and warranty

1. We guarantee that the goods are conform to your order and satisfy the expectations that the description of the product warrant. We also guarantee that the goods conform with all laws existing at the time of the order.

2. Additionally sales to consumers are covered by a warranty period of 2 years as described by law if the item is not conform to the order. This means that in case of defects in the 2 years after delivery, the item will be replaced or repaired.

As far as this is possible and reasonable, you can choose between repair or replacement. Only if the replacement or repair is impossible or excessive or if said repair or replacement can't be executed within a reasonable period of time, you have the right to ask for a reduction in price or a dissolution of the agreement of sale.

If the defect manifests in the first 6 months after delivery, it will be considered existing since before the delivery, except if we can prove the opposite. After these 6 months you will have to prove the defect was there from before delivery.

Article 8 - Delivery and execution

1. All goods and services are delivered on the address as provided in your order.

2. When an article is in stock it will be dispatched within 2 working days after receiving your payment.

3. Items that are deliverable but not in stock will be replenished after your order and dispatched as soon as they are in stock.

4. Deliveried will happen according to the delivery principles of the shipping agent, for example BPost.

5. If we're unable to ship in time, we will warn you before the 2 working days have passed. If we don't, you have the right to cancel your order. In that case we will refund you within 30 days after the cancellation.

6. Our shipments are always our own risk. If an item is lost by the shipping agent, this is our problem. However, if you return items, you are responsible for the shipment.

7. If the items are damaged during transport, are not conform the dispatch advice, or are not conform with the order, you have to notify us as soon as you can, and certainly within 3 days after delivery. You'll also have to return the items within 14 days after delivery.

8. Delivery times as specified on the product pages are only an indication. If by exception our supplier doesn't have the product in stock, it is possible the delivery will be delayed.

We can't be held responsible for any damages incurred due to late delivery or non-delivery by the shipping agent we selected. Our responsability ends in such cases with the value of the items of which is proven that the customer didn't receive them.

Article 9 - Ascendancy

1. In case of ascendancy we are we do not have to keep our obligations. In that case, we can either postpone our obligations as long as the ascendancy occurs, or cancel the agreement.

2. Ascendancy is every case outside of our will and control that prevents us from fulfilling our obligation either completely or partially. This includes, among others, strikes, fire, malfunctions, power failure, disturbances in (telecom) networks or connections or communication systems, the unavailability of our website, failure to deliver or deliver in time by suppliers or other involved third parties.

Article 10 - Intellectual property

1. Our website, logos, text, pictures, names, products and in general all our communication is protected by intellectual property rights which are either our own, our suppliers' or other parties'.

2. It is forbidden to use and/or modify the intellectual properties as described in this article. For example, you can't copy or reproduce drawings, pictures, names, texts, logo's, color combinations, products, ... without previous written and express conscent.

Article 11 - Handling of complaints and disputes

1. Obviously, we always strive to keep customers 100% happy. If you do have complaints about or products or services, you can contact us on info@welikebikes.be. We will do everything we can to respond to your complaint withing 2 working days.

2. On all agreements we make with customers, regardless of their residence, only Belgian law applies. In case of disputes, only the qualified Belgian courts are qualified. If for some reason international law is applicable, the interpretation of the Terms and conditions will be evaluated in the first place by the Belgian Law Market Practices and Consumer Protection.